The Importance of Being Earnest (at least digitally-speaking)

Lately I feel very interested in the secrets and secret thoughts people have, especially about other people, particularly as relates to sex and/or violence.

Usually one is hard-pressed to get earnest, open insight into such secrets, thoughts and fantasies, but thanks to the [seeming] anonymity of the Web, sometimes such honesty just comes pouring forth. It’s hardly tempting to hold back the thoughts which would always be checked in, er, polite company when there is no one to police you (e.g. peers, friends, family members, etc.), or when there is an [again, seemingly] infinite barrier of cyberspace between you and the Real World. I think there is also a Web-induced narcissism at work; people feel not only obliged to throw in their two cents, but also entitled to do so, exacerbated by the great ease with which one can do so on today’s Web. (See me demonstrate this phenomenon as we speak.)

Reading up on the Secret Service scandal in Colombia, I noticed just such a treasure trove of open, honest remarks in the comments section. Find a few of my selected favourites below.


One thought on “The Importance of Being Earnest (at least digitally-speaking)

  1. Oftentimes I suspect that it is a ruse of some sort; encouraging people to say whatever they wish; exposing their inner demons, under the apparent cover of anonymity, whilst ‘the man’ gathers all the information he needs. Tell facebook where you live, work and eat? Eh – no! But, as immature and abusive as this carry-on was, I could not resist a laugh to read of the secret service of the most powerful establishment in the world making such a show of themselves. I think it is called Yankenfreude. And messiah Obama’s reference to their new curfew was a pearl beyond price.


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