Ode to Search Terms

*Heads up: this post isn’t appropriate for everyone, it’s got dirty words in it. You’ve been warned.

**Moreover, trigger warning.

Many bloggers get their readers through links from other blogs; some even advertise their blogs. And a whole lot get readers from search engines who are looking for something and stumble onto blogs quite by accident. Below are some things people have apparently searched for (or should I say googled, since that’s my biggest referring search engine), and found me…haha. The irony. [Note: I’ve kept the original search terms exactly the same– spelling and all.]

The funny ones:

a conversation about chickens, emergency sex heidi annoying, i get plenty of sexual satisfaction by myself why do i need a girl?, unfeminine women are repulisve, naked wemen porn boobis, how come khmer people had big breast in the kindom days, nud cartun women porn

The weird/sad ones:

i hate modern women, are korean people really racist to cambodians, husband does not allow bra, is taylor a transgender name, vietnamese difference cambodian dark skin, can you get sympathetic reactions while viewing porn, cambodian girl freinds, cant see cant hear can’t talk monkeys

The scary ones:

sleeping pre teen violated, women is giving sleaping pill and raped, cambodia rape porn, free porn with little girls out kambodscha [[‘kambodscha’ is Cambodia in German, for the record]], how many sleeping pills to rape someone

And All-Time Most Searched goes to…  world of warcraft porn


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