Reflections on the Mitten’s Midterms

To say I was relieved when I checked Michigan’s midterm election results this morning is an understatement. When I went to bed, I was feeling afraid of what sort of Michigan we’d be waking up to. There was a lot hanging in the balance— for queer and trans people, for people of colour, for working… Continue reading Reflections on the Mitten’s Midterms

Reblog: On the Medicalization of Donald Trump, via crippledscholar

There has been quite a bit of discussion around whether it is appropriate to speculate about whether Donald Trump has a mental illness. The rhetoric and armchair diagnosis of Trump is already happening and it’s important to look at the arguments for why people are doing that and perhaps more importantly whether people should. I […]… Continue reading Reblog: On the Medicalization of Donald Trump, via crippledscholar

A Beautiful Day for a Protest

The crowd in front of the Institute for Foreign Languages is enormous by 9 o’clock, comprised of thousands of mostly young women, though there are young men and older folks as well. Here and there is a monk or two. They stretch for almost a kilometer in each direction down Russian Boulevard, with the crowd… Continue reading A Beautiful Day for a Protest

Post Election Jitters

Things appear to have calmed down quite a bit from Sunday night, when army trucks and military police were out and about, roads were shut down (Monivong, Norodom, parts of Sihanoukville, and some in Steung Meanchey), and people returning from the provinces were trying to decide if and whether or not they should come back… Continue reading Post Election Jitters

Out with the old…?

The national elections are bearing down on us. The closer we get, the more frequent and raucous the political campaigning becomes. Where the commune elections saw hardly any crowds of campaigners or promotional flags, with only a propaganda video here or there, the election for the leader of Cambodia has seemingly galvanized most everybody. You… Continue reading Out with the old…?